"Tell Me About Your Late Night Dream"

Photo by Dimitrios
Tell me about your late night dream. The one in which you were at a world summit in Tokyo. You spoke about world peace and world wars, and how the two must coincide. You told your audience that life is really black and white, and that if we look closely, there are no shades of grey- only the two choices we have to make. Your 3,600 membered audience stood up to give you a standing ovation. You smiled and told them that it was Jehovah (God) who saved you from your own wrong choices. And they cheered even louder than before...they were inspired to choose life.

Tell me about your late night dream. The one where that little boy ran up to you. You were taking your mid-day stroll on 15th avenue as always, and he was sitting at his spot as always- with his red plastic cup in front of him. You smiled at him as always, and he averted his gaze as always. But on this day he did something different, he grabbed his plastic cup and ran up to you. You stooped down on the dusty tarred road and hugged him tightly, his germs and all. You called your company and told them that you, their CEO, won't be in for the meeting at 2.00pm after all. You put the little boy in your convertible and ordered the chauffeur to take you back home. You gave him a shower and a big plate of food. You asked him what his name was, and he answered with the food in his mouth, "Josiah." Then you proceeded to take him to the orphanage home you built three years ago with your God-given resources.

Tell me about your late night dream. Oh, this one is one of my favorites. You wake up early in the morning at 5.00a.m. You put on your running gear and head out of your house. You jog for miles, passing buses and cars. You stop at the zebra crossing and make your way to the other side of the street. You finally take a break, you are in front of your favorite cafe and you want a sandwich and Starbucks coffee. As you sit down to eat your sandwich, you look at two women on the table beside you. One is laughing and the other is reading out loud an excerpt from a book. You look closely and notice the cover of the book is red with circles in front, and the book has your last name plus your first and middle initials. You smile to yourself and remember how long it took you to put your ideas into that book. But the Holy Spirit intervened because the message was not for you, but it was for the world. You finish your sandwich and leave the cafe with the biggest grin on your face.

Tell me about your late night dream. It was probably so big you can't possibly recapture all.

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It is good to dream, for if you have no dreams you have no vision. It is good to think, for what good is your mind if it cannot think? As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he. You are all you will ever dream about. You are all your mind will ever dare to think. You are emotionally set to dream big. Your mental capacity has been given to you by a God who created you in the image of Himself. You have the MIND of Christ.

But Your Life is ALREADY Happening, Not Only in Your Dreams:

You are already BLESSED! Yes, in the little you have, you are blessed. Your life is unfolding as you are reading this blog. It is happening even at the second you stop reading and walk away from the screen. Your life is happening right now. So, the things you are involved in NOW will determine the future. Yes, you can dream big and have great visions. But DILIGENCE is the issue #1 today. The things that are in your hands right now are sufficient for the day, and they require your diligence. If you're working hard with your little visions now, God will give you bigger visions. He who is faithful in little, God will bless him with more (Luke 19:16-17).

So I dare you to live your life NOW:

Your life is already happening. Be intimate with God now, not later. Give alms to the poor now, not later. Be a role-model to your friends now, not later. Help the helpless right now, not later. Start writing your book now, not later. Start writing the details of your first business now, not later. Start getting your first millions now, not later. You have the desire, start working on it right now. Start flying in the economy class to orphanage homes now, not later. Start what God spoke to you now, if it is in your power to do so. In doing so, you are sowing seeds for your future. For do not be deceived, whatever a man sows, that is what he shall reap. Some wait a million years, and the time never comes. Like Kelly Clarkson sang, in a moment like this...some people wait a lifetime. Don't wait a lifetime because your life is already happening. Sadly so, tomorrow isn't sure. The very breath of your existence should be relevant to your generation NOW, not later...

Let no one despise your youth...but be an example in word, in conduct, in love, in spirit, in faith, in purity (1 Timothy 4:12). You can be an example right now, in your youth.

Question for the Day: "Are you living your life with what you have and with how old you are right now, or are you living in la la land (dream-land)?"