The Birth of My Dream:

Today, I'm writing based on a beautiful prompt suggested by the Sunday Scribblings Blog. Hope you enjoy it. Before you read, Happy Father's Day to every man who is fulfilling His purpose in the world, and to my dad...I love you.

* * * * * * * * *

The Birth of My Dream:

There is never a more joyous moment than one you are not expecting. Moments like this keep you wondering just exactly how it found you. There is nothing like a beautiful bundle of joy that keeps you smiling for such long hours in a day. This is the story of a birth, and births like this happen once in a lifetime.

I was never prepared for this. I did not eat more fruits and vegetables, neither did I exercise more. The truth is I did not know I was pregnant. No doctor revealed to me that there was something growing in my womb. So I lived in the moment; I played on sandy beaches, danced under mellow moonlights, drove through busy traffic lanes, and ate at fancy Mexican restaurants. I was a noisy cymbal who could not hear her own voice. Not even the soft whispers in the wind. I could hear no other melodies but mine. My life was empty because I had no dreams.

Then on a beautiful summer day God came down and touched my womb, and the thing inside leaped for joy. I was not sure how His hands reached into my deepest layers, but I knew something had changed about me. When I noticed that something was growing in my womb, I stopped moving while the world kept spinning around me. I still went out to play on sandy beaches, dance under mellow moonlights, drive in busy traffic lanes, and eat at fancy Mexican restaurants. But this time everything was different. I was no longer a noisy cymbal, and I could now hear the soft whispers in the wind- it was God's voice.

Then the time came for me to give birth to my dream. Someone was there to help me, a midwife. At the right time she screamed, "PUSH!" I started to push my dream out, but it wouldn't come out. I whispered to God, "But You said I will achieve this dream, didn't You?" I heard no answers, only the midwife screaming. She told me I could do it, and that there was no going back now. She said that I needed to take a deep breath and give just one more push. I shook my head. Could she not understand that I was not made for this? This dream was way over my head. I should have prevented God's hands from going inside my womb.

The midwife screamed again and told me not to be a coward. The time to deliver my dream had come and there was no going back now. I closed my eyes for a second and the flashes came back. I remembered how I stopped moving and the world kept spinning. I remembered how different I felt after the dream. Surely, I was the one chosen for this feat. I was selected for a reason. I opened my eyes and tried to push one more time. The dream came out. It was beautiful and healthy. And then sleep came.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

This is what happens when God gives us a dream and we have to achieve it. We stop, but the world keeps spinning. We were created for a purpose, and at some point in our lives we WILL give birth to it. Thanks for reading. As usual, I'd love to read your comments. See you on Wednesday.