The Most Shocking Thing About Your Shadow

[Image by Phil Dowsing]

There's something profound about the dark shape that forms against the wall when you stand in a room half-filled with a projection of light. This dark shape is usually taller or shorter than you are and has some similarities with your shape. But when you move, it moves too. When you make gestures with your hands or feet, it does the same. When you laugh and cry, it follows suit. This thing is as powerful as you are, and it's called your shadow.

You might have underestimated your shadow in the past, but do you know that in the days of the apostles people brought sick derelicts out into the streets, so that at least the shadow of Peter passing by might fall on some of them and HEAL them? (Acts 5:15). Yes, Peter's shadow healed people. Can you imagine? He only had to walk by them and they were healed of their diseases.

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"How insane," you may say. "How absurd to think that such a thing could happen in our time." But I want to stretch your thoughts today. When Jesus was leaving, He did not say, "you will never live up to me or my disciples." Instead, He said, "GREATER works shall you do on earth."

The Greater Works of Your Shadow:

1. When you leave a room and someone else enters, they should be able to feel that someone great just left. They should be able to feel the joy and the happiness of the human being who was just in the same place.

2. When you own a company, anyone who comes in must be able to tell that you're a child of God. It doesn't matter whether they've met you or not, your shadow should speak for you.

3. When you're having a conversation, you don't need to mention the name of God or Jesus before people ask you what you believe in. Your shadow cast against the wall must compel them to ask. They should want to know you better, your shadow although it may look dark should be able to shine your light.

4. When you visit family & friends in the hospital, moments after you've left they should regain their strength and should be healed. You might argue that not everyone gets healed, you leave that up to God...He is sovereign and He knows why not everyone will get healed. But never for one second let your faith get shattered. Enter the hospital with the prospects of healing someone, not asking God whether or not it would work. Give your all, and let God do the rest.

5. Lastly, even when you don't plan to do anything at all, it should be that when you're in a certain place people around you act sort of weird. It doesn't matter whether you're standing still, or you're moving...there should be this aroma about you that will cause men and women to steal glances in your direction. It's called the "Aroma of your shadow."

There's one other important thing though. Yesterday I read a blog where the writer spoke about getting drunk with the word of God (blog HERE), and he said something along the lines of how it takes a whole lot of meditating on God's word (just a single word) to get drunk on just that one word. We have to learn to saturate ourselves and immerse ourselves completely on a single word, for it to take effect in our lives. The word of God is not just meant to EXCITE us for a second or a minute. So before we can get to the level where the mere presence of our shadows will begin to heal people, we have to have been intoxicated by the spirit of God, such that it becomes a NORMAL part of our lives.

Question for the Day: Do you believe there's power in your presence (or shadow)? I believe that the mere fact that a child of God is standing in a room can make all the difference.

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