You Deserve to LIVE. You Deserve the FUTURE.

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We are often blinded to the depths of our purpose. We think it's only a myth. We think that we were flung out here into the desert by sheer random occurrence. We think we're worthless, especially when we look at others making global changes in the world, who look nothing like us.

Today, the message is that you deserve to live. You deserve to live because you have a Father who loves you. What Potter creates a vessel and doesn't design it to win the potters annual competition? What architect constructs a house design that is mediocre in his eyes? What great photographer puts his worst photographs on his website? What artist draws a sketch and does not meditate on it before revealing it to the world? No, he draws and erases the lines until perfection is established.

We Are the Hands & Feet of God:

Yes, God loves us, but He has already imparted His love in the community of believers. It is through us that His love is shown to the entire world. Love is not only in speaking, it is in our actions. It is not in judging others' wrongs, but by calling them who GOD HAS CALLED THEM. It is "showing" people that they deserve to LIVE and not DIE. Not just in telling them. It is in loving ourselves first, because if you don't have something how can you give it away?

Yesterday in church the pastor spoke of love. He said that people don't realize that the bible says in John 13:35, "By this all will know you are My disciples, if you have love for one another." It didn't say that you are my disciples if everywhere you go you claim you love God passionately, it says that the exhibition of a true disciple is in their love for other human beings.

People commit suicide because they don't feel a sense of purpose. People side-track their true callings, because they feel that in the world today all that matters is success. They choose success over purpose. They choose money over true wealth. They choose frivolity over moral values. They choose a rampant lifestyle instead of a provident one, because it is popular. But today, I say that even on this side of the blogosphere, you've found a community on this blog. No longer will you run on your own, for what else is this blog for? What else are many other Christian blogs out there for? No, enough is enough. We are the hands and feet of God.

I am at a level in my life where I want to help you find God. It doesn't matter what your past is. I REALLY don't care. I have dealt with some mess in my own life, and God took me out of all of them and gave me a message in my mess. So why should I focus on someone else's inadequacies. The kind of love that God has is bigger than our imperfections. In a journey, you've got to find a starting point. And for some of you, that starting point could just be right here. I don't have all the answers, but we can find it together.

To Write Love On Her Arms: 

I found this video yesterday and that was how I got inspired to write this post. It is about a non-profit organization that got started just because one guy was trying to help his friend obtain victory over depression. Since then, it's grown like a virus. Enjoy the video.

To Write Love on Her Arms Documentary from Cabin Cabbage on Vimeo.

Question(s) for the Day: Do you long for the Body of Christ to be a non-judgmental community of people just reaching out and being there for each other? Or do you think we are already there?