The Most Beautiful Rest: My Hands in His

[Image by Life in Blue]
Marriage came as a gift secretly packaged in the most amazing way. God carefully placed the gift in a precise alignment, and then He wrapped it up in my favorite colors-- purple, orange, red, yellow, and all other colors that brighten my day.

He gave me the most beautiful rest, my hands in His. In the moments when I am away from the world, I have his shoulders to lean on. To me, that's a perfect rest. To know that I can run from one part of the earth to the other end, and still come back to find my gift waiting for me. This is rest. Just like God rested on the seventh day. I believe when He rested He was satisfied in watching His creations do His bidding. He marvels in His own rest when He sees husbands and wives fulfilling the purpose why they were created for each other, to not be alone.

The essence of not being alone is that of having someone to share your views, but not only that, to embellish those views. Having someone to hold always. Having a shoulder to lean on. Having someone to drive you to achieve your potential. Having someone to reflect on the Word of God with. Having someone to give 100% support. God has already helped this process of rest by providing a partner that I'll spend the rest of my days with. It's His rest, and it has become my rest too. Rest is not in slacking off, it is being satisfied with having the maximum confidence of achievement, without worries of rejection from the one person that truly matters.

I don't share my burdens alone. I always have a listening ear. This is rest.

I don't complete tasks alone. There's always a helping hand. This is rest.

In a day when I need that moment of verbal release, where all the words bottled up inside me come out, he's right there like a ceramic bowl waiting to receive the drops of rain. A ceramic bowl that is not broken, so all the drops are collected and I can always go back and quench my thirst.

The knowledge of this is "rest" in itself. No longer do I walk alone. I am not just myself. I have someone to share myself with. It is truly a Godly thing to have this beautiful satisfaction of rest for the rest of my days. May you find that rest too. Amen.

This post was inspired by Ann Voskamp from Holy Experience. I will also be a Guest Blogger on Chichi's Blog, "From Now Till I Do" really soon, so keep your eyes open for that. Hope you enjoyed this and see you on Friday.