Selecting the Misfits in the Cave of Adullam:

[Image by Anna A. Liukas]
Cold, shaken, and frightened David arrived at a cave in the middle of mountains, seeking refuge away from his assassin.  His eyes widened as he did not expect what he saw next. What in the world? There were actually other people hiding away in these mountains too. Never for one second had he imagined that he would find a single soul here.

As he walked slowly into the cave, he saw a fire. About six men were gathered around with their hands stretched to draw warmth from the flickers of light. One of them turned to look at him, making the others turn their heads as well. They got up and drew their swords. 

"I come in peace," David quickly said.

A man ran up to him. "Hey, I recognize you. You are David, son of Jesse. Did you not kill the Philistine giant?"

As soon as the man asked, the others ran up to David. They peered at him closely and began to nod their heads. He was surely the hero of Israel. But what was he doing here, in a cave? 

"Yes, you are right. I am David. I did not expect to find any man here." 

Then he asked the men what they were doing there. The first man began to speak. He told David about their distress. Each one of them had come here individually because they were running away from the society. They were MISFITS and no one wanted them around anymore. Some of them could no longer afford their homes and had been driven away by their landlords. Some were suicidal, and just did not want to live anymore. Others were just literally discontented with the society. But here, they found others who were like them. 

As David listened to their stories, he found treasures in them that they did not know they had.

"Would any man choose to become part of my army?"

They looked at themselves, shocked that David would even ask them such a question. "Yes, mighty David. We will." 

That day, David became captain over 400 men who were misfits of the society. And they became a mighty army.

*This is a fictional account based on a true story as written in 2 Samuel 22:1-4*

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Your Flaws Might Become Your Testimonies:

Many times we look at ourselves in the mirror and think about how we don't really fit into the society. We compare ourselves to people in the world, and wonder why we're so different.

Some day we will understand that these unique things about us can be used for God's glory. No, you were not designed to become a carbon copy of someone else. You were created to be YOU. And the you that you are right now can join forces with others in the body of Christ, and we can become a mighty army. Mighty sons of God. Never look down upon your uniqueness. Even your flaws can turn out to become your biggest testimonies, just like the misfits David found when he ran to the cave of Adullam. 

Question for the day: Have you ever looked down upon your uniqueness?