The Truth About the Heroism of Our Personal Stories (Part 2)

[Image by Wonderfulhorriblelife]
See, my life has never been straightforward. I learned that God was evident in my life from an early age, when He would show up when my family had a need. So, for me, it's always been about God showing up.

Career wise, I've never had it together. Whereas some people have heard a voice telling them what path they should follow, God has always spoken to me by shutting doors and opening a single door of opportunity, increasing my confidence that this is the path I must follow. I always thought I'd be a medical doctor, but after two years going down that path, the door was shut down. It was only when I was forced out that my eyes were open and I realized that I was created to be an artist, not a paint-brush one, but merely a creator of new things. He also wanted me to write to inspire. I'm currently working on a bigger writing project, and I have to say the idea is way over my head, even as the work of fiction is slowly unfolding and forming a specific substance.

Accident wise, some might say I'm prone to that. So many technological devices have fallen prey to my clumsiness. I've had water poured on my laptop, phones fall into the toilet, and phones almost being crushed by buses on major highways. But the biggest accident I had was literally flying through a glass sliding door, and causing the glass to shatter into pieces here and there, and I even have a scar on my nose to prove it. I always joke around by telling people I was fighting with Jackie Chan, instead of saying what really happened. I could have lost my life back then, but God kept me. He knew that it was not my time to die, that I had so much to live for and so much to give. The most amazing thing is that I look into the mirror everyday and show some conceitedness by admiring my beauty, despite an almost fatal accident.

I can go on and on about even more intimate things that God has done for me, but I'll save these stories for future testimonies.

God is not just a distant entity to me, in Him, I live, breathe, move, and have my being. He is the air I breathe, my Oxygen, my Source of life. He's never failed me before, and He never will. 

Question(s) for the Day: How personal is God to you? 

PS: There's a video I want to share on this blog, about a man's personal story, but the video hasn't been posted yet. I will post it once I get my hands on it. Hope you enjoyed my personal story today.