The Truth About the Heroism of Our Personal Stories (Part 3)

[Image by StallKerl]
When nobody can explain how your life can change, when predicted destructions become salvations, when doctors predict death but God grants life instead, and when hatred grows into insurmountable love, God is definitely at work. In this third part of learning the truth about the heroism of our personal stories, I want to share the stories of three lives that were changed by the mighty hand of the King of Kings, and the Lord of Lords.

Greg Outlaw, CEO of AllAboutGod ministries:

Monica's Story:

Former Rock star of KORN, Brian Welch:

Meditation for today: Instead of asking you a question, I want you to think about your own personal story. This weekend, try to spend more time meditating on those things in your life that only God could have done. I'm not talking about things that can be logically explained, but those facts that cannot be logically explained. How when you cried out to God, He answered you. 

PS: Later on today, another lovely blogger/writer will be featuring a post from the Light-A-Lamp Blog on her journal, please feel free to check out Nikole Hahn's Journal and read my guest post there, "Your Life is Already Happening." Have a lovely weekend basking in your testimonies.