You Don't Defend God, He defends Himself

[Image by Cayusa]
If you have a father who you love so much, who has sacrificed his livelihood just to see you not make the same mistakes he made when he was growing up, who raised you up from nothing, who gave you a special pet name shared only between you and Him, who during cold winter nights covered you with a blanket, who later put you in charge of his entire estate, and then watched you closely like a proud lion watches over his cub, then you might want to defend him when he's standing in the midst of throngs of people spitting ridicule on his face.

But what if all He did for you was so that when the crowds began to make mockery of Him, you would not join them? What if you're only supposed to stand still, knowing that He's strong enough to protect Himself? 

Everything God has revealed to us about Himself shows us that He's stronger than us. His sacrifices are priceless and His sufferings divine. Our strength can only go so far, not in a million times compared to His.

So what makes us think we can spit some scriptures in defense of His name? What makes us feel we have a built-in material that can be panel-beat into a shield for His chest? To protect Him from the fiery darts of His own creations?

No, the creations cannot defend their creator, for only Him can defend Himself. The powers He has given unto us cannot supersede His own. He is able to show Himself strong and mighty without us. He is able to secretly touch the hearts of kings and Princes, and when He is ready, He will expose the bonds of wickedness. Our own business is to show love to those whom He has called us to approach. We're only supposed to share the good news of the gospel, that no matter who comes to the Father through Jesus, he or she will be saved. That Jesus paid an everlasting price for you and me. You don't defend God, He defends Himself.

"Uzzah put out His hand to the ark of God and took hold of it, for the oxen stumbled. Then the anger of the Lord was aroused against Uzzah, and God struck him there for his error." 2 Samuel 6:6-7

Question for the Day: Have you ever tried to defend God? Have you ever tried to stop Him from falling through the cracks? Maybe this is for someone, you need to let go and let God defend Himself in your life. He is stronger than you can ever imagine, don't try to defend His strength. At His own perfect time, He will make His strength known.  All you need to show, to yourself and others, is His endless LOVE.