On September 3rd, 2006, A Blog Was Born (4th Anniversary + Give-away)

[Image by TuTuWon]

This blog was born with a fiery post called, "One Day of Dominion." It was on a late Sunday afternoon, right at that moment when the sun was tired of working and was moving away so the moon could come and take its shift, that this blog began. I had received a message that would forever change my life. It was called "Taking Back Dominion," (or something along those lines) based on the garden of Eden story and how God wants us to have dominion over every thing in this world.

Since that lovely September, this blog has not just been a medium for sharing, it has also served as my accountability partner. I am more excited to read my bible than ever, just because I know how lovely it feels to find a mystery that I didn't know before. Also, this blog has been my teacher. Comparing my earlier posts to my latest, I've observed a tremendous growth and a greater sense of maturity. I've made mistakes along the way, I've fallen, but God always has a way of using it all for His glory.

Please enjoy this little gift I created for you, the Lamp's faithful readers and first-timers. It's a free e-book and it's a compilation of some of my favorite posts on this blog. I hope you enjoy it. Happy 4th anniversary to the Light-A-Lamp Blog.


PS: I've never remembered this blog's anniversary date. This year is the first that September 3rd is in my stream of consciousness, so I'm sure you can tell I'm excited that I remembered. Lol. Have the most fulfilling weekend.