When Your Seed is Enough

[Image by Enrico Policardo]
My lips parted open as I sat in the pews. Could it be that the preacher had been stalking me for many years? In just one Sunday morning, every little scripture quoted, and every little anecdote added, seemed to point invisible fingers towards where I sat, satisfied to be behind a few heads so that I could cover my surprised face and leave my lips ajar.

Right then, I made a decision. I would walk to the altar, even at the cost of receiving glances from the other people of the congregation, whose eyes were like arrows in pure daylight, watching closely to see if I would trip on my way to the altar, or how I would kneel down, or how much I would put down as my seed. But I wanted to lay a seed on the altar- a seed which would serve as a thanksgiving to God for bringing such a magnificent revelation to me on this day, a revelation that would keep me firmly planted in good soil for the rest of my life. I wanted the seed to bless the preacher in some way, and hopefully to grow exponentially into unfathomable fruits.

And so, I dipped my hand into my hand-bag, grabbed my brown bulky wallet as fast as I could. Excitement filled my spirit. The hairs on my arms began to form fine goosebumps, even as I scrambled for something worthy to serve as a seed. I could not wait to run down to the altar to drop my seed. But just then, my right hand fell unto my lap and I looked at it. Right there, clasped around my fingers, was a one-dollar note. No. I didn't want to give a dollar. I dipped my hand into my wallet for the second time in a few minutes, but I found nothing else. I stared at the dollar note, and it looked back at me. It was all I could muster, my fine one dollar. How small a seed. How far would it go? What kind of fruits could a dollar note produce? Was it even worth it?

* * * * * 

Do you know the true meaning of this verse?

"He who sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and He who sows bountifully will also reap bountifully." 2 Corinthians 9:6-10. 

A few days ago, I studied the use of the words 'SPARINGLY' and 'BOUNTIFULLY' in the original context of this scripture.

#1 Sparingly (Greek Word, 'Pheidomenos')---> from the verb Pheidomai which means to spare, forbear, or refrain (explanation: to refrain from doing something that is in your capacity to do. To withhold a portion of something on purpose, when you can give or do so much more that would be more befitting).

#2 Bountifully (Greek Word, 'Eulogia')---> to be a blessing or to speak praise.

What does this really mean?

You see, it's really not about the one dollar note. It never has been. It is all about your heart and whether or not you're willing to be a blessing to someone or a group of people (Eulogia). If you're giving everything you can give, and it is still small, God will reward you bountifully. He sees your heart and He's the One who gives seed to the sower (verse 10).

One important fact that many of us have missed out on is that it is not really about the money, but about whether your heart is a generous heart. Money is not the only way to sow a seed. Seeds come in different shapes and sizes- in kindness, in love, in presence, in peace, in joy, in laughter, in priceless gifts which cannot be counted.

So if your heart is generous enough, I want you to know today that Your seed is enough.

Question for the Day: "Have you ever felt like you're withholding something back from God when you don't have that much money in your bank account?" God sees your heart, and He will supply seed for you to sow, seeds which come in different shapes and sizes. Oh, and don't forget He is Jehovah Jireh (Provider) and the condition of not having money to give all the time is only a temporary one. Have a blessed week, guys :)