Lessons From February

[Image by Rob Shenk on Flickr]
 On the first day of this week, I stepped out of my house on my way to work, and right there before my eyes was forty degrees of warmness. I stood there in awe, almost stupefied, wondering why I had put on extra layers of clothings and a thick winter jacket. Summer is coming again. Oh, how I've longed for it! Although Spring comes before Summer, I'm looking forward to writing in quiet parks, walking by the lakeside, taking random photographs, and just the excitement that comes with the warm summer sun.

#1 Lesson Learned: My yearnings for summer made me realize that we have to treasure what we have when we have it, because just as seasons come and go, some precious times of our lives come and go. Every second is someone's destiny. Every minute is an awakening. Every hour is a time of purpose. Every day is a day the Lord has made and we must rejoice and be seriously GLAD that this day has come. Every moment counts. Like right now.

[Image by Jahpeaceful]
✪ I'm currently reading a novel, which shall remain nameless for the mystery of it. I've been reading it for the past few months now because I'm such a slow reader. I wonder if I am afraid to read the last few pages. Could it be why I'm stalling? Or is it because I've enjoyed the book so much and I don't want the last few pages to trample upon the solid memories of the gasps and joys that spilled out of me while I read the first few chapters? My excuse can't be the busyness of life. I have time to do other things, but I sit and stare at the front cover of the novel and I don't dare open the pages to finish it. It's one of the most beautiful books I've ever read, and most likely will ever read, but I can't seem to get past where I am.

#2 Lesson learned: Sometimes pausing helps us reflect on the doing. It's a good thing to PAUSE once in a while. Nevertheless we must do. It's the doing that counts. We can't pause forever. We can't stop the tasks God has given us. We must pause to reflect, but we must also get up and get going. We must have the anointing of a FINISHER. I'm going to finish the book.

[Image by OnlyAlice]
✪ Winter brought an unwanted visitor. Last week, I fell sick for three days. I hardly ever fall sick. With the harsh winter cold came coughing and sneezing, and next thing you know it spread like a wild virus trying desperately to demolish the body it was inhabiting. But after three days, it lost the battle. During that time I could not stand up to complete a task, neither could I think properly. It took great effort to walk from one end of the room to the other.

#3 Lesson Learned: There's frailty in the human body. Notwithstanding, let the weak say "I am strong" because the ultimate victory lies with God. We can overcome every hard thing that comes against us because we were given dominion when God laid the foundations of the world. In illness, if you can have the tenacity to get up and walk about the room, even when your body does not want to cooperate, do you know that your walking brings healing? That's one thing the Mr. told me, he said, "Don't just lie down, get up and walk around and you will be well." And it worked.

Question for the Day: How has February been for you? My prayer for you today is the same one Jabez prayed in 1 Chronicles 4:10, "Oh, that God will bless you indeed, and enlarge your territory, that His hand would be with you, and that He would keep you from evil, that you may not cause pain." God answered Jabez (whose name meant "pain"), and He can answer this prayer too. Have the most beautiful weekend.