Waiting For Rain Is Like...

[Image by Peter Casier]


He rubs the seeds in the palm of his hands, slowly at first, and then with faster strokes. He touches their rough surfaces covered in dust from staying too long in the sack. He looks up to find his woman staring at him. She smiles, but he does not return it, instead he looks down at his palms again. Dissatisfied. Anxious. Impatient. Wanting something more.

He's a farmer waiting desperately for rain. Like we wait for the rising sun, or like green plants in a garden wait for the down-pouring of a misty early morning dew. Either way, waiting for rain is like waiting for an in-coming mail. You sit, and you get up again to check the mailbox. You ask yourself when your package will arrive, but sometimes you don't have all the answers.

The farmer hasn't seen rain in three years. There's drought in the land and the barns are almost empty. His woman smiles, but he knows her heart is heavy. She smiles because she tries to give him hope. But the rain is his only hope.

He rubs the seeds in his palms again, turns them around slowly. Then he does the unexpected. He opens the door to the yard, walks as far as the soil can take him, picks up the hoe and begins to dig into the soil. He wipes the sweat off his brows, and he continues to dig while she watches him from their bedroom window.

Come rain or shine, the seeds will be planted. They will be ready when the rain comes pouring. He won't wait anymore. The rain will come.

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Waiting for rain is like waiting for a package in the mail. It's like hoping for the impossible. Hoping for something that people have long since given up on. Here's what I read last week Friday.

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Therefore, be patient brethren, until the coming of the Lord. See how the farmer waits for the precious fruit of the earth, waiting patiently for it until it receives the early and latter rain. You also be patient. Establish your hearts, for the coming of the Lord is at hand. (James 5: 7-8)

►►►The Reminder:

I was reminded once again that this life is nothing without God. We can go about our normal daily activities, but if we go without God, we will never find true satisfaction. Waiting for the second coming is like a farmer waiting for rain. He wakes up each morning asking the heavens when it will open its windows and let the rain come. He doesn't sit down at home doing nothing. He goes out, looking for good soil to plant his seeds. He sows before the rain comes.

What are you doing in this period of waiting? Are you sowing good seeds around? Are you preparing for the rain to come? To you who has given up on what you're waiting for, I want to encourage you today to pick up your dusty seeds and rub them in the palms of your hands. Feel the roughness, touch the dirt. Hold them gently, don't let them go, and begin to plant them. Plant them like a farmer whose hope is in the coming rain. Don't wait for others to start planting, be the trendsetter. Walk on God's path.

►►►The Question
Are you still waiting? Wait for the second coming of Christ like a farmer waits for the early and latter rain. A lot of disasters are happening around the world, but don't lose your focus. This also applies to anything you're waiting on God for. Hold on to Him because He will always fulfill His word. Establish your heart. Stay focused. Stay planted. Never let go of God because He is your source, your refuge, your fortress, and your Father. Happy Monday, readers. Please pray for Japan.