On Viewing the Fine-prints (An Easter Musing)

[Image by Madelinetosh]
That one moment when you stop and look into the sky, and you stretch out your hands as though reaching out to God, and you ask "what are the fine prints?" Or "What's the point?" Or "What do you have to do to get it?" Or "What if you'll never really know?"

In many documents, the fine-prints are the words with the tiniest fonts. They are usually so small that you can hardly read them, unless of course you raise the documents close to your face so that you can see them clearly. Unless of course, you think it matters. Unless it is THAT important to your life.

During Easter, the fine-prints of the entire meaning of Christianity are enlarged in bold so that hopefully everyone can see. In it we can understand what happened and why we are where we are today.

See, on that cloudy day, Jesus walked several miles with a cross strapped on His back and thorns on His head, to a place called Golgotha ('place of skulls')...to where murderers had been sentenced to death prior to His own sentence, just to die for you and me and to place the burdens on an innocent lamb, that blood might be shed to build a new covenant.

 Now in Him, instead of death we can receive life.

 Instead of judgment, we can receive forgiveness. 

 Instead of nails, we can receive love.

 Instead of consequences, we can receive forgiveness.

 Instead of leaving the earth to futility because of the sins of the world, we can embrace the Father again and receive new life and living waters that we might not thirst again in futility. 

[image by coconinoco]
That anyone....truly, anyone...who calls upon the name of Jesus, can be saved, even right here in the nick of time. Right here, while reading this blog. 

These are the fine-prints of Easter. In the midst of days off work, organizing Easter egg hunts, grocery-shopping for Easter bunnies, and groveling in the kitchen to make an Easter dinner. In the midst of all these is the reason this Friday is called "Good Friday." That He died for you and me, and on the third day (Easter Sunday) He rose up from the dead, collected the keys of Hades, and sat at the right hand of the Father. This fact, single-handedly, is the most important thing that could have ever happened in the history of the universe.

What this means to me is priceless. Happy Easter, people. 

Question: What does Easter mean to you? Readers, I hope you have the BEST Easter ever, and I hope you pause to reflect on these fine-prints.