When Foundations Are Destroyed (Special Edition)

[Image by His Noodly Appendage]

Muculent, slimy, and despicable bathroom tubs became the ultimate safe haven. Thousands of people huddled together inside them that fateful night. Trembling, they gasped at the onset of a 200-mile long tornado, accelerating forcefully and bearing down with all its energy.

From the eyes of those huddled down in the bath tub, tears began to fall. But who could tell where the tears would land in the midst of a losing sense of gravity?

Tears were falling, but they weren't landing. There was no place for them to settle with gusty winds rising from the tornado and carrying them along.

Screams escaped lips, but tell me, who could hear anyone in the midst of the overpowering noise?

Suddenly, roofs of houses (even grocery stores and restaurants) flew off their tops and right then, the effect of the tornado became more direct upon the bricks, mortar, and wood. Aligned pieces got dismantled, flying across big rooms, part of which had once been in fine mansions.

And just like that, in the twinkle of an eye, the foundations of a great city became terribly destroyed. This is the second deadliest day for a twister outbreak in the United States history. The death toll is 337. Many more people were injured, and as many as 1 million homes in Alabama are still without electricity.

* * * * *
"If the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?" Psalm 11:3

When the foundations of buildings are being tossed in the wind, you can't do anything. All you can do is wait and pray silently that the walls don't crush down on you.

* * * * *

Now, let us move away from the tornado disaster which took away lives in the past week in North Carolina, Tuscaloosa (Alabama), Birmingham (Alabama), Mississippi, and Tennessee.  Look at your own life for a second. Does it seem that some foundations have been blown away by a tornado?

See, if your foundation is destroyed, you need to get the Saviour. Man cannot save you, but I know a mighty unlimited God who can. If your foundation is destroyed, you need to get His help. Again, when your foundation is being destroyed, all you can do is pray silently that the walls don't crush down on you...because they will if you don't have the right foundation. That's why you've got to build it right.

What Foundations?

Your Intimate Knowledge of God

Your Ideas About the Way to Live Your Life

Your Instigations About What Eternity Really Means

 Your Convictions About the Spirit and the Flesh-and the Difference between the two.

Your False Sense of Security in the Wrong Things

To me, if the foundations of all these concepts are not based on God, then they are being tossed by every form of virulent winds born into the world today.

Start from scratch again. You are already skilled as a builder, a craftsman. God made you in His own image, to be intelligent; you have the ability to lay the right foundation for your own self. Let us take our foundations and build upon the rock of Christ, upon which no tornado can bear down.

Please pray for the victims of natural disasters. Please pray for your own life and the concepts around which you have built your foundations, that they be the right ones.