The Choice Always Precedes the Mission

[Image by misswired]
Just one choice will set the pace for your entire life's mission.

When that young ruddy-looking boy dusted his feet and stepped up to the Philistine giant, it was not a spontaneous or lackadaisical decision. His choice came way before the opportunity for the mission. David did not just wake up that morning thinking he'd be 'warrior of the day.' Think about it.

Before that single event in history, he chose God. He studied Him like a son does his father, and his conclusion was, "My God is able." It was not an overnight decision.

You see, God designed the world with choices, but He's always wanted us to make the right ones. On one side of the garden of Eden was good, and in another section evil stood its ground. If God made man for His glory, then our choices were meant to glorify His name forever. Glory does not come by restraining our free-will. It comes by allowing us to choose "good" for ourselves.


"Choose for yourselves this day, whom you will serve..." Joshua 24:15

Your one choice will set the pace for your entire life's mission. 

If you want to choose God, don't worry about the mission that comes after that. Worry about making the right choice first, and only then will God begin to help you connect the dots. 

Little by little, just like David, you will learn by being stationed in the backyard where you have to lead sheep. By endurance and a little patience, you will begin to realize that God is able to do what He says He will do. And then one day, you will tear down a bear with your own hands, and you will know that the strength you have comes from a greater source.

The day you tear down a bear would be the day you get convinced that, truly, you can do anything God says you can do.

✪ Make the choice to be good, and good will find you.

✪ Make the choice to live a life filled with purpose, and purpose will find you.

✪ Make the choice to worship God, and praises will fill your mouth.

✪ Make the choice to study His word, and the Holy Spirit will teach you.

✪ Make the choice to find good friends, and bad company will desist.

✪ Make the choice to live with a Godly purpose, and that purpose will find its way to your home.

Friends, this life is first about making choices, and then the mission. Exactly how you're going to accomplish this (the steps, the objectives, the master plan)-- I can't tell ya, but that section of the manuscript comes much later after you've made the choice to do life God's way. Just do it. Make the right choice first.

Question for the Day: Is there a choice you've been afraid to make because you don't know exactly how you will fulfill it? Someone reading this might be struggling to make the right choice. Make that choice first (if the Holy Spirit is leading you to do so), and then allow Him to help you fulfill it.