On Being Thankful for June & Sweet Hiatuses

The winds are blowing towards the proverbial North, and just like a kite runner, I must run along now with my paper kite swaying in the wind to wherever my hand leads it.

I'm thankful for the month of June. Last year, God was a "Faithful God" to me. He gave and He sustained I, my husband, and my entire family, till the very end.

In these past six months, I can say God has been my "Confidant." He's been the friend that listens when no other is listening, and it's been such a fantastic thing to act like I'm talking to myself, when indeed it's God I'm talking to. Father, I love You.

In this month, I am also thankful to you readers who decided to nominate the Light-A-Lamp Blog for best Religion Blog. Christianity is a Religion, but more than that, it embodies the heart of God, that He sent His only begotten son just so that you and I can be close to Him (redemption)- and that we can be broken from shackles which bound us in our past.

But we must travel beyond the walls of Religion, we must be the hands and feet, and we must have ears to hear the words God is telling our generation today. This blog is not merely about Religion. We are more than rules and regulations. We are more than Religion. We don't do it because we have to, but we do it because we're in love. And when someone is crazy in love, they begin to do things that they can't believe they are doing. *Giggles*

I'm thankful for you who nominated this blog for the Nigerian Blog Awards (NBA). You're wonderful and amazing. Of course, the blog would love your votes as well when you are ready to do so.  :)

On Sweet Hiatuses:

In July, I will be going on a long journey with my pen and paper. I have to. Away from distractions, just me and the Holy Spirit speaking to me about a long-term project that I am supposed to write. I love you all, and may God continue to bless you even as you peruse the Archives of the Blog. Oh, I'll definitely miss you :)

PS: All the contents of this blog have been written specially with you in mind. Just go to the 'Top Ten Writings' on the sidebar, or the "Labels" at the bottom of the sidebar, and may the Holy Spirit lead you to what you need in your life right now.