There's Much More To The Fact (A 2012 Musing, Part Deux)

[Image by Meredith]

"Let us go up at once and occupy the land, for we are well able to overcome it."~Caleb. Numbers 13:25-31

Let us go up into their midst
In full force
Broad Daylight
Let us do the unthinkable
The Unexpected
Like roaring lions on a fixed mission
Let us rise up and do the bidding
Shock them beyond comprehension
Break through the confines of limitations
And finally let go of our myopic views
To grab a hold of a brighter day
To see the original truth, and nothing but the whole truth
(by me)

Dear readers, let me ask you an important question. Do you think Caleb was so blind and stupid that he could not see that the men of Canaan were way bigger than himself and the rest of the Israelites? 

Today, I want to introduce the fabulous idea that he was not blind or stupid like you might think. He was there live with the rest of the eleven spies, and while the rest were marveling at the appearances of the giants, he was also being flabbergasted at their heights and the way they were so strongly built. He probably even shivered at thoughts of having to fight for the land with these strong giants. But you see, what I want to bring to the table here is that there was a difference to the way he was thinking. There was something else that he had which the others lacked woefully, and it was the 'complete truth.'

While the other spies only saw the giants, Caleb also saw a God who could WIN regardless of how tall or strongly built they were. While the others only saw fresh grapes, Caleb's mind had already fast-forwarded to how it would soon be him eating those fresh grapes and enjoying the milk and honey.

Fact + Facts:

You see, there are facts, and then there are "complete facts." You cannot take a fragment of a story and call it "The Story." We become our own destiny-killers when we can't see the full story. Most times our views are so myopic that we set up limitations for ourselves when there never was supposed to be any. 

It's time to break free of your limitations...

We see only 20% of the story when there's 80% more to be deciphered. We see only a fragment of the real deal when there is the whole substance waiting to be unveiled. There was once a myth that portrayed human beings as only having the ability to use 10% of their brains, and although this is not true according to reports from MSN Health, I dare-say some of us hardly utilize the full capacities of our intelligence. 

There's more to the basic facts, friends. There's more to the Spirit. There's more to life. There's more work done behind the scenes that we can ever thank God for in the physical. It would take having the eyes of a man such as Caleb to understand that whenever we see facts, we can rightly divide those facts against the complete truth (which ultimately is the Word of the mighty and living everlasting God). 

In 2012, may God open our eyes to not just see the giants in our lives, but to also see the God who is able to train us and skill us so finely that we will be able to take out these giants with only as much as the sounds of trumpets. Amen.

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Happy New Year again...LOVE, me.