Life, Purpose, and Death

The truth is, I was shaken and in shock. I didn't have any words when the news came. What could I have written? Would it bring lives back? Would it take away the pain of those who lost loved ones? Would it make time go back to before those souls boarded the plane? No. Words don't have the power to do that. Words can't turn back the hands of time.

Today, after seeing the pictures of those who were actually on the plane, and how beautiful those faces were, I've found my muse, albeit for a few minutes. It could have been anyone.

Life is a gift from God. No amount of studies can determine exactly how an embryo becomes a fetus, and how bones extend in the womb, in preparation to be used after birth, or how cells populate the brain leading to intelligence. Yes, we can scientifically explain some of it, but not all. Only in bits and pieces. There's a reason for all of this. There's a greater purpose. And a plane crash (which could have been prevented) ending many lives, some of which had not lived past their first few years on earth, leaves a very tragic and sad story indeed.

One life is a bracket in time. It extends from one section of time to another, and then it ends. What truly matters is what we do in that space of time while we have this gift. It is our responsibility. We have been given the will to choose. We can either fulfill purpose or waste it. And on that last day, would we be worthy to hear God say, "well done, you good and faithful servant?" Would we?

I can only hope that those who lost their lives on the Dana Air Crash (the ill-fated Abuja to Lagos flight) on June 3rd left a good legacy behind. May God give all their families and friends His peace that surpasses all human understanding. Because words alone will not do.