The Walk & The Conversation

[Image by C. Pagani on Flickr]

"Noah was a just man, perfect in his generations. Noah walked with God." (vs 9)

"And God said to Noah..."(vs. 13).

The walk and the conversation go hand-in-hand, like two peas in a pod. There can be no conversation without a walk, and no walk without a form of exchange with the 'walking-buddy.' I have a group of friends who go walking in a park every summer. The last time they invited me, it was a beautiful walk. During the walk, each of us learned something new about the projects, new revelations, new the walk went on, so did our conversations tighten into three-fold cords.

So, needless to say, we really have to be near God to be connected. We have to be His walking buddy to understand His heart. There's no way you can be miles away from Him and still hear His voice.

In Genesis 1, I remember it said the spirit of the Lord was hovering over the waters. Very close. Near-by. As though God has been there all along waiting for us to realize that He's available to walk with us in this life. That it's way better when we do it with Him. It's less burdensome. It's less lonely. You have a Father who wants to take a walk with you, and during this walk called 'life' He wants to be part of your conversation. Isn't that amazing?

I want God to speak to me, so I'm willing to go on this very long walk with Him. It's first about the walk, and then the conversation. It's like God is saying right now, "Take my hand, let's go for a walk."

Let this ring in your ears today and always, "Take my hand, let's go for a walk."

This is Part 2 of the Chronological Series. I hope you keep walking with me as I go through the Bible chronologically. Stay blessed (and I hope to post more often than this) :)