"Truth" | A Light-A-Lamp Guest Feature by Tolulope Ilesanmi


The people at Jairus' house knew his daughter was dead but Jesus said she was not dead, only sleeping. What is happening here? How could she be dead and not dead?

I believe what is being displayed here is two completely different levels of knowledge.

From these people's perspective, which is false reality, they were right, the child was dead. From Jesus' perspective of ultimate reality, a perspective of faith where all things are possible, where you refer to things that are non-existent as though they exist, the child is only sleeping and will soon wake up.

They were both right, one was just untruth. Jesus, the way, the truth and the life spoke the truth, the ultimate reality - the child is not dead but alive. The people did not see beyond death, because they did not believe but they were right in their assessment.

This is why I do not think it makes sense to argue with people who believe in evolution. In the absence of God, evolution makes perfect sense and is a brilliant theory. In the absence of God, the child is dead and that is both a fact and the end of the story. But the absence of God is a false hypotheses which can only be proven false by tangible proof, not by argument - it will be hard to deny a "dead" girl's resurrection.

Faith sees beyond the facts. 

Faith brings God into the mix and that changes the story, tangibly. Faith sees the truth and confidently proclaims it like Christ did at Jairus's house and nothing can stop the proclamation from coming to pass.

The truth is all things are possible to him that believes. Anything that suggests impossibility is untruth. We are often admonished to face reality, which is to face the facts but the facts are a subordinate reality. Ultimate reality is God's viewpoint. Anything different from God's viewpoint or God's word is false. If my senses contradict God's promise, my senses are wrong.

Faith is trusting God's word even when every other witness contradicts it. Why trust God's word? As Creator, He sees and knows what we don't. If He says speak to the mountain and it will move, I do not need to know how it will happen and frankly, it does not matter. After all, I do not know how in the universe He could have spoken the mountain into existence in the first place but He says He did and there are mountains to prove it, many of which I have hiked.

My task is not to understand, my task is to trust and enjoy God's creation. The interesting thing is understanding comes when we trust.

Tolulope Ilesanmi's Blog, Tolulope's Musings, is a place I frequent and love. I believe his writings are spirit-filled and God-sent to inspire and provoke our generation. I was thrilled when he accepted the invitation to share on the Light-a-Lamp Blog. I hope this Guest article inspired you to not only change and/or improve your perspective on what God's truth really means, but also I hope it healed you in places where you were sick before, and that it showed you that you can take God's Word and BELIEVE EVERYTHING in it, because it is TRUE in every area of your life and goes forth to perform what God says it will do. God bless you, Lamp readers.