When You Don't Need to Ask for Anything

Let me tell you a little secret. Even in the midst of chaos, there can be the presence of peace and stillness. Times when you just know that He is God and deserving of every ounce of your worship. Times when you don't need to ask for anything because you just want to praise His holy Name. At such times, there is an innate desire, an undeniable sense of urgency, to just fall down and worship the King.

Because you know that He is your God. Because you know He sees all things and knows the end from the beginning. Because you know that not all closed doors lead to dead ends. You understand that at the turn of the second hand of your clock it is not unbecoming of Him to perform another crazy brand new miracle in your life. Yes, He can arise any moment He so chooses. Just like that. Perfect timing too. He does not wait for the agreement of man and neither is He a respecter of person. He just is the Alpha and Omega.

You don't need to ask sometimes. You only need to be confident in who He is and what He has done before. We ask for things over and over again because we are human and uncertain. But in the presence of God, lay down your guards and trust that, as crazily as it may sound to your logical self, He has already acted on your behalf. Faith is the substance of things not seen. It's a substance, although you can't touch it yet. That's the mystery of a mighty God.

Yes, it's a mystery that we can have victory every single day because we have a victorious God, no matter what the weather forecast says.

The more we worship Him with confidence, believing He has already done what He said He will do, the more we will see the works of His hand revealed. The more we wouldn't need to ask, because we already have what we're asking for. And the more we will worship at His feet...in stillness, in peace, and with utmost excitement. Try it out. Exercise your faith today, will you?