Perfectly Flawed | A Poem

Image by A. Jenkins on Flickr. Creative Commons License

I am...

Perfectly flawed. Yet, He loves me perfectly 
No, I'm not called because I'm perfect
I'm called to become perfect
A binding process
Like clay in the Potter's hand
I am indeed caressed by the hands 
Of a loving Craftsman
Yet, joined together again

Perfectly flawed.
I can't run away
It's me He chose
Yes, all my curves & imperfections
All my crazy innuendos
My crazy inclinations
All of me

Perfectly flawed
I'm that tiny dot 
In the pews of the church
Just grateful to be loved by such a Wonder
I am not your pastor
Or your minister
I'm just me...all flaws of me
Yet, He's called me to be Light for His glory
Do you know what He said?
"Daughter, you are...
A Chosen Generation
Royal Priesthood,
A Holy Nation
A Peculiar Person..."
Who me?
Yes me. 

So in all my strangeness
...and peculiarity
I'm perfect in the most unassuming of ways
I am who I am
Growing daily
Becoming who I was made to be
A constant metamorphosis
And so I continue
To Write
To Speak
To Encourage
To Bless
(doesn't matter what you think I am)

Because I have been blessed 
With such Love
To such an imperfect vessel

I am indeed blessed of all women
Struck with LOVE
Arrow right on my heart
Perfectly flawed
In His glorious unchanging perfect flawlessness. 

Written by J.A