A Short Letter to You

Dear Reader,

How have you been? Very blessed, I hope. God's Word never fails. As long as we keep connected to His Word, the enemy has no choice but to flee.

It's been a really long hiatus, but what can I say? God has been amazing. We welcomed our second son into the world in September of 2014, and since then, I've been doing "blessed duties" in mummy-land.

This is  just a short note to say I've missed the Blog, you my dear readers, and every sweet thing that goes along with writing by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. In 2015, I hope to write once a week. I hope you continue to subscribe by email to be the first to read.

With all the love inside of me, I say have a blessed week ahead.

See you soon with the first Blog Post of 2015. How exciting that sounds in my ears *insert a big smile.*