Easy Life | A Post-Easter Reprise



Exactly how
He designed the blueprint
A garden
Serenaded with
Endless supplies
Abundant life
Absence of worries
Inevitable Harmony
Undisputed Peace
Unquenchable Love
Unending Goodness

You see,
We've turned what He designed
Into what we created
We broke the ease
Shattered it like broken glass
On a lonesome highway
Diverted the course
Set ablaze the vision
We took the hard way
In our minds it made sense
our own work produced nothing but destruction and heaviness

On that unforgettable day
He stayed poised
Both arms stretched out
Left and right
On the cross at Golgotha
Not giving up
Even in death
His desire for our lives remained
His love
Given in the form of an undeserving exchange
His life for ours, our sins on Him
"Come to Me if you feel heavy," He says even now
"Take my yoke, it's easy and light
Take my spirit, it's gentle
Take my heart, it's lowly
Take all of Me,
I'll give you rest." (Matthew 11: 28-30)

☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ 

Easy Life...

Easy, easy, easy. If we have His rest, we would wake up every morning with excitement just to search for what the day holds. Like a man searching for treasure, we would do anything to find that one pot of gold. It won't matter if we have to struggle through the storm, lightning, and thunder to find the rainbow. Even if there are obstacles along the course, the only important thing would be to find the treasure in the dirt. Who said life was a bed of roses? No, I daresay not. There's always that dark horse of old whose only goal is to create obstacles. His one desire is to see you go down. As long as you are in this world, there will be challenges. But, you know what? Christ died to make your challenges nil. Zilch. Zero. Blank. Nul. Nada. Void. As if they never even existed. Victorious is what you are.

Just a Glimpse of Him

See, if we can just catch a glimpse of Him daily, then we will only see His face throughout the whole day. And if we can only see His face, then we can only carry His own yoke and not ours. And if we only carry His own yoke, then ours would become obsolete. Instead of heaviness, we will feel light. Instead of aggravation, we will become gentle. Instead of heartache, we will be overcome with laughter and joy. It takes daily reminders, sometimes we forget to catch a glimpse of Him.

You may wonder why certain people smile all the time. And even if they cry sometimes, they still break into a dance once morning comes. Why shouldn't they? It's great to know that there are real people out there that genuinely smile because they've found God. They can't wake up and focus their entire day on something they can't fix themselves. No, their eyes are continuously on the Master Potter. And suddenly what they couldn't fix becomes fixed because they praised Him through the storm. They are constantly aware of His power and capacity to do the impossible. Instantly, you wonder why they don't seem suicidal. You fidget with your fingers when you find out how that problem was so big but you never even noticed. You should stop trying to notice. You'll never find trouble in their homes. Never. They've given it all to God. They've let go, and ultimately they've let God invade their lives in a way that only Him can.

Stop now. Consider your own days. Are they fulfilling? Stop now. Take His yoke. Take it, take it. It's here right now for you. Don't try to find it in the wrong places. Today, I pray that the only face you will look upon will be the face of Jesus.