Prepare Your Horse for the Day of Battle | An Ode

Prepare your horse for the day of battle
Train it to be smart
Teach it to spot the enemy
Brush the hairs on its skin till they are smooth like silk
Let it neigh till the sun goes down
No sleep till the day's work is over

Prepare your horse for the day of battle
Be hardworking
Don't quit
Even if you are weary
Pick up your armor and do it again
There will be no horse like yours on that day

Prepare your horse for the day of battle
But when that day comes
Rise up in the morning with full confidence
Knowing the glory belongs to God
Rise up to do your best
But know God holds the Master Plan

Prepare your horse for the day of battle
But when that day comes
The strength will not be from the horse...or the rider
The strength will come from God
And the victory will be through God

Prepare your horse for the day of battle
But God decides what will happen
Guess what?
Whatever He decides at the battle field
Better than your choice could have ever been
Because He has seen the end from the beginning
He knows the plot inside and out
You can prepare all you want
But when that day comes
Give it all to the ONE who knows it ALL

Prepare your horse for the day of battle
But when you get to that day
Just let God, the Master AUTHOR write your victory story

Proverbs 21:31
"The horse is prepared for the day of battle, 
But deliverance is of the Lord."

God created us for His glory. No, you and I were not created to be mediocre. We are made in the image of a mighty God who surely has already orchestrated wonderful victories in our lives. The verse in Proverbs 21 speaks of preparing a horse for the day of battle. To me, this implies that anyone going to a battle field has work to do. You don't just wake up in the morning, sing a lullaby, and head to the battle field. No, a war requires years and years of training. It doesn't matter what the weather is like at boot camp.

You train under the scorching heat of the sun or while drenched in soaking rain. All for one fine day of battle. You suck in your breath, raise your legs, and jump through hoops. You climb up on wobbly ropes and slippery walls. You drag your tired self through the mud until you can no longer feel the blood rushing through your veins. You hold your breath as you swim through murky waters until you reach the target. 

That's how we are to train in this world. As children of the most High, there are daily battles to fight, and there are always victories to be won. So yes, of course we have to prepare the horse for the day of battle. We have to immerse ourselves daily in the Word. Pick up our armor. Practice how to use the gear. We have to surround ourselves with Godly people. We have to confess the Word into every atmosphere we come into. But friend, you know what caught my eye in that Proverbs 21:31 verse? That no matter how finely the horse is prepared for the day of battle, the deliverance is indeed of the Lord!

When it comes to that amazing day of victory, God knows exactly how He wants to write your story. You can prepare all you want (you should prepare, if you know that other proverb that says we should look at how the ants store up food for winter). Oh yes, you should have the spirit of excellence in every single thing that you do and in every place you find yourself. But when it comes down to how the story plays out, please sit back, relax, and let your Father unveil the story He has already written about you in the volumes of His book. Your life has been carefully orchestrated. Paths you're meant to take. People you are meant to meet. Lives you are meant to change. And accomplishments and awards you are meant to get. Prepare your horse. Your preparation is extremely important because the lessons you learn during training will help you on the day of battle. But, my dear, don't force things. Just trust God to unveil your victory. Let Him take the pieces of the puzzle and put them together being the wonderful Craftsman that He is.

Hallelujah. God be glorified in your life, and in mine, Praise His great name.

Love, J.