My Audience of One

About two nights ago, the house was completely silent and I was the only one awake. Moments like this are like a hidden treasure. Only the mothers reading this may understand how golden silence can be in the middle of the night. I smiled to myself as I basked in the moment, lavishing in the glorious goodness of seconds ticking without a stir in the wind. But as I stood there in my kitchen a thought hit me. At that very moment, there was indeed an Audience of One who was right there with me, watching me lavish in my thoughts. Watching me clean my kitchen counter-top to the perfection that I wanted it.  

I could not have planned this moment of joy any better. I smiled again knowing that my audience of One was my heavenly Father. He had been with me during the busyness of the day, but that particular day I hadn't noticed until the silence of night-time came along. You see, He is always there watching over us, yet sometimes we skim over the details of His presence because we get so busy doing other things. The kids. The home. Food. Work. Learn. Clean. And cycle about yet again. Nevertheless, our Audience of One still remains. He never leaves us. Like that good Shepherd who never lets His eyes veer off from his sheep, He's always there.

In the silence of that night, I thought I was by myself, but I wasn't. His presence became a comforting serenade. His arms became my solace. Tiredness was gone the moment I rested in His embrace and left every other thing to just focus on Him alone. 

So this one is for you who's up in the middle of the night, maybe feeling a little undone. Look, you're never alone. You always have an audience of One. He's there listening to all your stories. Whether they are stories of joys or woes, He's there for you anyway. Whether you shed tears of joy or tears of pain, He's there with you anyway. God neither slumbers nor sleeps. He's right there when we're really busy and also right there when we're done with the work for the day. He's there to fill up our empty vessels. To be poetic with us. To grant us increase. More strength. More grace. More and more...that we may be constantly replenished time and time again. Hallelujah. 

So What Should You Do When You Find Yourself Alone with God?

The essence of this post is not just to tell you that God can show up in your quietest moments. There's a call to action required here. You also have a role to play when it comes to unraveling the presence of God. The first thing to do when the thought hits us, just like when Moses encountered the presence of God in the burning bush, is to tell ourselves "God is here." And the second action to take: lose yourself in His presence. Embrace Him. Bow down in worship. Oh, not a second should go wasted in His presence. Take advantage of the solitude and the opportunity for it is precious. Ever wondered why Jesus would wake up so early in the morning and venture out to the mountains just to be with Him? Because you never come out the same way you came in. You become "better" in His presence. Just one moment with the King. It's nothing short of a miracle the way I emerged stronger than before after allowing myself to be free in His presence. I would give anything to have the same experience daily. 

What an amazing God. Such a priceless encounter with our Audience of One.