It Doesn't End in Darkness, Light Has Come

You wake up in the morning and the first thing that comes to your mind as you remember last night's news is, "What joy is there in this world?"

This morning, I'm here to tell you about the only constant source of joy I know.

Image by Marthathegoodone. Creative Commons License

It can't be bought with a price. It can't be falsified. It is not made up. It cannot be disputed. It's freely given to whoever desires it. Even when there's a storm, this joy calms it. When there's turbulence, this joy brings confidence. When there are serious trials, this joy brings hope for another day. Even in the midst of darkness, this joy is our light.

It's the joy that God has given us - in Him alone. It cannot be explained away in mortal words. Nothing can steal it. It supersedes our current existence and has no end. I'm here to tell you, even when everything in our world seems senseless, just please hold on to this one thing that the enemy can't steal.

It doesn't end in darkness. Light has come!

And no, you're wrong, I'm not perfect. I have days that I'm angry at the world. I have days that I'm sad. Why should innocent children die? Why should one man take away innocent lives? I have days that everything seems chaotic, but Jesus has already done the work of calming my waves.

Somehow, miraculously, He always brings His joy back. It's a constant. Never changes when everything else fades. That's why I'm writing to you this morning. Can't you see? He is my serenity in turbulence. My quiet in a raging whirlwind. I'll hold your hand and pray with you physically if I could, but let this be a breath of fresh air to you right now. No, it doesn't end in darkness. Light has come. Take my hand. It doesn't end here. He promised.