What's the Lamp Blog About?

It's all about spreading the news of God's love to those who are hungry and thirsty to receive the truth about the knowledge of our Father. It's about the "good news," told in the form of articles, short fictional accounts and true personal stories. It's for all of the above and more, because with God, there are truly no limits.

The "Good News"

"Good tidings have come to you who are poor, healing has come to you if you've ever been brokenhearted, if you've been held in chains you are free today, because right from this day you have stumbled upon the acceptable year of God; your tears will be dried and you will be comforted; you will have beauty for every ash, and praise for every heaviness, you will be called a "tree of righteousness," the planting of God...for many generations to come."" (Isaiah 61, the Bible).

The Writers

Founder: Jennifer Erere Abayowa
Jennifer is a Medical Writer, Inspirational Writer, Wife & Mom of 2 adorable boys.


Collaborative Writer: Adaoha Ndibe
Adaoha is a top-notch Scientist who is gifted to encourage through her writings.
She's also a wife and fantastic mom.
Adaoha's Blog: http://thelifeofastrangercalledme.wordpress.com/


Collaborative Writer: Ighiwiyisi Jacobs
Ighiwiyisi is an amazing Interior Design Consultant and worshiper of God
who has blessed people through her reflections on Christ. She's also a lovely wife & mom.


Collaborative Writer: Tolulope Ilesanmi
Tolulope is a Nigerian Canadian & Social Entrepreneur who is called to create experiences that enrich individuals within and outside his company. He is married with two adorable kids.
Read more about Tolu here: http://organizationunbound.org/tolulope-ilesanmi/


Collaborative Writer: Tolu Odulesi
Tolu is an IT and Project Management professional who writes to encourage and inspire.
Tolu's Blog: http://tolusmemoirs.wordpress.com/
His Contributions to the Lamp: Tolu's Posts
Thank you so much for coming to the Lamp Blog. I hope you have a blessed time reading all that has been written specially for you.


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